vForum Online 2020, iş ortağımız Intel ile birlikte, açık soru-cevap ile tamamlanan, yüksek etkili, 60 dakikalık bir çevrimiçi oturum dizisidir.Hemen buradan kayıt olabilirsiniz.

Today’s focus is about being able to adapt to the unprecedented fluidity facing business. So, getting your employees working remotely at scale and keeping your operations running securely is likely to be your immediate priority.

But innovating for tomorrow, and laying the necessary digital foundation, remains a necessity. That might be looking to accelerate your native application development or navigating a multi-cloud world to run all your apps. Perhaps you want to learn more about how to deploy a Virtual Cloud Network to deliver intrinsic security or create a digital workspace strategy for remote working for the longer-term.

vForum Online 2020, in association with our partner Intel, is a series of high-impact, 60-minute online sessions – complete with open Q&A.

We will continue to make sure you, EMEA’s leading IT experts, are on the vanguard of our cutting-edge software solutions so that you can adapt with speed today – and build for tomorrow.